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A Survey of Cognitive and Agent Architectures

The objective of this document is to provide some rational, structured access to an analysis of cognitive and agent architectures (for more information on accessing the document, see the Reader's Guide). Twelve architectures have been used for this preliminary analysis representing a wide range of current architectures in artificial intelligence (AI). The aim of the project is to facilitate both an understanding of current architectures and provide insight to the development of future, improved intelligent agent architectures. This work was based on publications from 1992 and before and has not been authorized by the researchers responsible for particular architectures (see DISCLAIMER for additional information).

As part of a graduate course at the University of Michigan in Winter 2013, we are adding more architectures (and updating some older ones). We are using a different approach, so the new architectures are not analyzed using the same dimensions as the earlier ones. Instead we are evaluating them according to requirements developed as part of The Soar Cognitive Architecture book, Chapter 2, by John Laird, MIT Press, 2012.

This material is based in part upon work supported by the National Science Foundation.


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