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It is certainly possible that some of the information in the document may reflect an incomplete understanding of a particular architecture or concept. In general, the references themselves, rather than this document, should be the basis for additional exploration of the architectures.

Also, the descriptions are based on references from 1992 and before and may be not reflect the current state of a given architecture if it has continued to evolve (see the source information in the Readers' Guide for additional information). In this case, we include WWW links to those continuing projects if available. However, if you identify an error, have suggestions or ideas concerning future versions of the document, or general comments concerning the current document, please let us know by mailing us at:


This document grew out of work begun in the Winter 94 offering of EECS 547 (Cognitive Architectures) at the University of Michigan, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The original authors of these class projects are cited here. The information from class projects made during that term, appropriately compiled and amplified, constitute this document. This work was done by Robert Wray, Ron Chong, Joseph Phillips, Seth Rogers, and Bill Walsh.

The original website was then transferred to this wiki and reorganized by Bob Marinier and Nate Derbinsky.

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